Why kitesurf?

You experience the freedom of surfing without having to paddle out or wait for waves. You can fly like a glider without a hard landing. You get the speed of wakeboarding without needing a boat. You can travel long distances powered only by the wind. You can experience the thrill of carving and turning a board without travelling to the snow or risking gravel rash.

Is Kitesurfing safe?

Kitesurfing is an extreme sport and should not be tried without the supervision of a certified instructor. At Kitesurfing Goa, we believe in safety first and take every necessary precaution to ensure this. Under proper guidance kitesurfing is very safe.

Can anyone kitesurf?

Yes, if you are reasonably fit and you are keen enough to persist and learn. Like skiing, technique is a lot more important that brute strength.

Is kitesurfing hard to learn?

No. Around 5 lessons should get you going with basic skills and another 5 to 10 sessions should see you going upwind. It can be difficult to schedule lessons though without enough wind. Flying a trainer kite will accelerate your learning. Just go for it!

What is the age limit?

There is no age limit – anyone aged between 10-75 can learn provided they are physically fit.

Which is the best season to learn kitesurf in Goa?

We get the strongest winds in Goa from January to April but we still teach throughout the year. Kitesurfing in light winds is more difficult but if you can master light winds then you can handle any conditions.

How do you rate kitesurfing as a sport?

Very enjoyable and very addictive. Nothing beats kitesurfing at sunset.

What is the difference between kitesurfing and kiteboarding?

There is really no difference. The terms are used interchangeably. However, some people may consider kitesurfing to be kiting in surf

Can you go upwind when kitesurfing?

Yes. You fly the kite to the front of the wind window in your direction of travel (like reefing a mainsail in), edge your board to create a “keel”, and steer with your feet to create a “rudder”. Kitesurfers are actually classified as sailing vessels.

Will my windsurfing or surfing skills help me learn kitesurfing?

Yes, a little. Any board sports will help you with board control. However, about 90% of the learning is handling the kite, so using a trainer kite will develop your skills quicker.

How can you prevent getting blown out to sea? How do you steer the kite?

Firstly, you mostly kite with an onshore wind so if anything goes wrong you will be blown back into shore.
Secondly, even though the wind is blowing in one direction you are generally kiting at an angle to the wind.

Do I need to be really strong to kitesurf?

No. But it does help to be fit. With good technique, you can kitesurf without needing great strength. However, you will burn approximately 900 calories (3,765 joules) per hour during an average kitesurfing session, and get an intense abs/arms/back and leg workout, so kitesurfing is a great way to get fit!

Have you ever been attacked by a shark?

No. We’ve been doing this for 10 years and have never seen a shark.

How much does it cost to buy the gear?

You can buy a complete set of secondhand gear (board, kite + bar, harness – depending on the condition) anywhere in the range of $600- $2000.
For new equipment these are the approximate prices ranges:
Kite $900 – $2000
Board $750 – $1300
Harness $120 – $250
Please note that if you are buying a second hand kite, make sure it’s less than 4 years old. Every year there are improvements in the design and safety of kites so by buying a relatively new kite you will maintain your own safety. NEVER be tempted to buy a cheap old kite if you’re a beginner – they are cheap for a reason and can be very dangerous.

How long does the gear last?

Your gear should last at least 3 to 5 years, barring major accidents such as kite tears. However, a lot of kite tears can be repaired and you can patch small holes and tears yourself.
We also offer a repair service – contact us for more information.

Can I rent the Kitesurfing Equipment?

Yes you can. Kite, board, bar, lines and a harness can be rented on an hourly or daily basis but please book in advance.